About me

Hello! I’m Nathan Ferguson,
founder of iBuildLocal. I help service based Business Owners who want an online and social media presence without the worry of technical hassles and free up the time and resources it takes away everyday, so they can focus on more productive things like serving their customers or spending more time with family and friends.

To share a little about me:

> I love taking my daughter to martial arts

> Make my own healthy smoothies

> and can say the alphabet backwards faster than forwards! 🙂


Recently, I created a FREE Mini-Program for Tradies and Local Businesses. It includes easy methods to get their socials up and running fast. I believe it will help give a better understanding on how to quickly build exposure and attract clients.

If you feel Social Media is a little confusing, not posting regularly or getting the results you’d like, I am available to help with your questions.


Looking To Get The Word Out?

Sign up to our FREE Mini-Program ($199 Value) and get actionable steps to quickly build your online presence, create more activity on your social pages and position yourself as the trusted adviser.